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Articles, essays, book excerpts and notes that
help provide a narrative of the early life and times of Charlton County

         - Indian Tribes / Prehistory
         - Spanish Missions / Desoto
1732 - James Oglethorpe /The First Settlers
          - Burnt Fort
1735 - Spanish Highlanders
1783 - Treaty of Paris / Ellicott's Mound
1793 -Traders Hill Indian Massacre

1870 - Recollections
1878 - Voyage of the Paper Canoe   *in progress*
1880 - The McDonald House Hotel

1908 - Folkston Bottling Works
1909 - Johnson School
1910 - The Telephone Comes to Folkston / Census Man / Town Youth
            Steamboats and Sawmills On the St. Marys River
            Eddie Edwards - Son of a Slave, Cut Ties for the Queen of the Okefenokee
1912 - Judge Henry Johnson Introduced First Automobile to Folkston
1913 - Folkston School Building Burns
            Folkston's Main Street Well and the Curfew Bell
            World War I
            "Memories of Charlton" -- Madison Gibson (.pdf)
1918 - The First Armistice Day
1926 - Rosa Etta Anderson Bailey, Licensed Midwife
           Folkston's Three Movie Theaters
           Dixie Lake
1929 - Seeing Charlton County In a Day's Automobile Ride
1930 - The Homeland Slaying of Warden White
         - Folkston Airport
           The Folkston Bus Station
           Traveling Medicine Show
           Christmas Fire at the Homeland Post Office
           Lydia Smith Stone Crews -- "Queen of the Okefenokee"
           Charles Lindberg Says Hello to Folkston

           World War II Years - Local Heroes In Battle           
1946 - Homecoming Day at Cornhouse Mission
           Wade Chancey Wins Golden Glove Title
1947 - Local School Group Gets Warm Palm Beach Reception
1948 - High School Graduation
1949 - Leonard O'Cain's Missing Money
1950 - Folkston Depot
1954 - Fundraising For the Folkston Volunteer Fire Department

The Mystique of the Okefenokee Swamp
Lost In the Okefenokee

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