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Local School Group Gets Warm Reception at Palm Beach, Florida

Charlton County Herald

June 13, 1947

The boys and girls of the Folkston High School’s Junior Class returned Monday evening after a most enjoyable week’s outing at Palm Beach, Florida with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lamb as chaperones.

The young people from Folkston were the first high school group to visit Palm Beach as a group and they were given a warm reception by the Chamber of Commerce and the friendly people of the noted resort center.

Arrangements had been made ahead of time through the Chamber of Commerce and the group stayed at the Twin Palms Inn. Since it was a high school group, special rates of a dollar a day were given to the students which was very reasonable for the resort town.

The group arrived Wednesday evening late so there was no time for activities that evening. Thursday was spent swimming, playing tennis, bowling and movie-going. Friday the group was guests of the Florida Power and Light Company. The students were conducted through the six million dollar power plant and each section of the plant was explained. While there, several group pictures were taken to be placed in a national magazine. The students were amazed that it takes a staff of only five men to run the huge automatic plant. From the power plant they were conducted to the Norton Art Galleries and spent two hours there. The students expressed a great deal of interest in the Chinese jade collections and the watercolors.

Saturday the students were guests at the famous Lido swimming pools and spent most of the day there. In the afternoon the Twin Palms Inn sponsored two swimming races – one for the boys and one for the girls. First and second prizes for girls were awarded to Inez Barefoot and Gertie Lou Chesser. For the boys, Gilbert Wildes and Gene Crews came in first and second respectively. The Twin Palms Inn also gave the students a beach party Saturday night where delicious refreshments were served.

Sunday the students were admitted free to any show, which they chose in West Palm Beach.

The citizens of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach were more than kind to the students and since both local papers carried daily stories of the activities of the group, everyone around the town recognized them. Everyone commented on their manners and good behavior.

This group wants to thank the Board of Education for the use of the school bus and all those who made the trip possible.

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