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December 1, 1838


VALUABLE Mill Site on the St. Marys river and lands adjoining.

The subscriber offers for sale four tracts of land adjoining and situate on the St. Marys and Spanish Creek, (one of its branches), upon which there is as eligible a site for saw or other mills as any in the state, embracing in the whole about 10,000 acres, covered with the best quality of pine timber and also embracing bodies of swamp, which may be brought into cultivation by embankment.

The Spanish Creek Saw Mills were accidentally destroyed by fire in February, 1835. The dams, with some exceptions, remain firm and good, as does the foundation, upon which the mill stood upon a large scale, having propelled twenty-five saws at the same time. The subscriber will sell out entire right, for which he will give warranted titles, or one half, provided the purchaser will engage to reside at the place, where there is a comfortable dwelling, with barn and other necessary outbuildings, and which situation, in point of health, is not surpassed here or elsewhere.

Traders Hill, at present a military post, is embraced within one of the tracts, and being at the head of navigation, it is believed will, in a few years, become a town of some importance.

The entrance and bar to the St. Marys will admit vessels of the largest class, drawing from 16 to 18 feet water, in perfect safety. Vessels of 500 tons have been known to ascend the river 60 miles and load cargoes of lumber. For information and terms apply to ARCHIBALD CLARK, St. Marys, (Geo.)

The Charleston Mercury will please publish the above weekly for two months and forward their account to A.C., St. Marys, Geo.

from DeBrahm's Report
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