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Charlton County Herald

June 9, 1944

When Folkston’s fire alarm siren sounded shortly after 4:30 Saturday afternoon to announce the European invasion, this community jumped the gun by only a brief period in announcing that momentous event, it has been disclosed by subsequent developments.

The news flash, later announced as an error, was received over the radio at the Folkston Pharmacy. Dr. W.D. Thompson promptly relayed the flash to Mayor C.J. Passieu and in less than a minute the siren was going full-blast with the mayor in person at the control switch. The promptness with which the false news flash was announced to our people by the prolonged blasts of the siren indicated Mayor Passieu had planned well to get the great news to all within hearing distance.

When the real news of the invasion reached our people early Tuesday morning, it was received calmly and quietly with no spirit of rejoicing or celebration.

There was a general feeling that the greatest and most far-reaching battle in all human history had begun and while there is confidence in eventual victory, it is realized that our soldiers are facing grave perils and hardships and there will be heavy casualty lists soon.

from DeBrahm's Report
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